09 June 2011


One of my inspirations is Vanessa Hudgens. I admire her boho & hippie stye. I try to mix her look with the weirdness that I have to create my own look. Her fringe bags, flower child dresses, and long simple necklaces are definitly pieces that I believe to be essential in a wardrobe. Her style expresses being a confident person... which I know I truly am.

I am a free spirit, a dreamer, and an independant mellow person. My style reflects that. Throwing things together to make an outfit is natural to me, (my weirdness comes in handy here). Tie Dye is a must for me because it mixes pastel with neon in really unexpected ways. It adds detail to an outfit and it is also a handmade masterpiece. I am in love with DIY projects at the moment. Especially for shirts and jewelery. I have made over 400 bracelets. I collect them, handmade or bought, I have over 600.

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