09 June 2011

No. 1

This is my thinking face. And I think about a lot. Right now I'm currently all about beads, braids, fringe, dreamcatchers, glitter, tie-dye, pastel w/ neon, lace, face paint, and feathers. Indians inspire me. I like to mix items from different cultures and generations to make my style unique. Details make an outfit. And siganture pieces make a person.

To me, "weird" is a good thing. I believe I'm just the right amount of it. When deciding what to wear I dont think what would be "stylish" or what would make me look like a "trendy" person. What I wear doesn't have to match. And it ends up looking quite alright to me.


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  1. super blog! uwielbiam indiańskie motywy!

    pozdrawiam ;*